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sisley1With the cold snap settling in, we’d be very surprised if your skin hadn’t reacted to it yet. Dry, more sensitive – sound right? We had a skincare obsessive try the exclusive Sisley Moisturizing Kit to see whether it injected the life back into her skin, ready for the season!

“I am a complete convert to Sisley Skincare! I have never tried any of their products before so I was really looking forward to trying the moisturizing kit. I’m a big fan of face masks so I was really excited to try the Express Flower Gel mask, which promises to hydrate and restore radiance.” – Hannah Gilding – Online Category Executive

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“The first time I tried the Express Flower Gel mask I have to admit it was a Sunday morning and I was feeling a little worse for wear. I did a good cleanse and applied the mask, made myself a cup of tea and then tissued off the excess. This mask did wonders to my skin, it felt velvety soft and there were no signs of my hangover on my face. I now use this mask once or twice a week and it has been really helping with my dehydrated skin. I think it’s a great mask to add to your skincare routine as we approach winter.”

“I then started using the Hydra-Global moisturiser. Firstly this smells amazing. I really like to use it as my morning moisturiser. I only use about a pump and a half for my whole face. The reason I really like this product is because I find a lot of products aimed at dry or dehydrated skin are very thick and heavy which I don’t particularly like. Whereas the Hydra Global is lovely and lightweight and sinks into my skin really quickly making it actually feel hydrated. I think it’s a great base to wear under my makeup as well.”

“I would definitely recommend these products to any one that loves skincare products, and I think the Moisturizing Kit would make a lovely gift.”

Have you tried Sisley products? Let us know!

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